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How to Join

This is how to join, and the only way you will be able to join. I won't add you until you join this way. Got it? Now, here we go.


Name ~The name of your character

Clan ~Which Clan your character belongs to, or gives its loyalty to

Rank ~The rank of your character

Gender ~ She-cat or tom

Appearance ~Your character's looks

Personality ~How your character acts

History ~What happened to your character before joining the Clans

Picture ~ The link of your character's picture in a separate post


Remember to post this out all in a paragraph (Ex. Leafdapple~ appearance, personality, clan, rank


Join... FINALLY!!!

You can join now!

Reserved beginnings:

Falcon     Eagle     Hawk     Vulture     Robin     Ripple     Black     Spark     Talon

Little      Minnow   Sky       Crystal     Sage      Winter    Jay      Flame     Fawn

River       Lilly      Reed      Ivy         Honey    Poppy     Stealth   Ice