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Welcome to Leafstar153!!!



Leafstar153 is temporarily under construction! After everyone sadly abandoned the site... all the members came up with a great inspiration! Re-making Leafstar! The re-make site will be done before you know it, thanks to my friends online; Ripple, Shadow, and Lilly.

It'll be a whole new and different site; different plot/story, Clans, settings, etc.



The new site graphic for Leafstar153!! The one that we used for the original Leafstar153 is right below this one.... This one was made by.... Ripple


Ripple, Shadow, and Lilly, the comment box from the original FernClan Camp page is down at the bottom of the page. Thanks for being great friends!

  This site graphic was made by the one and only.... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!) Lilly

A reminder of the first site me and Ripple created.

The two graphics above are made by Ferny

This is a link-backs were made for this site by.... Ripple